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---charlie and the chocolate factory



對喜歡添布頓的人來說,這片子應該會看得滿足。像我既喜歡添布頓,又喜歡johnny depp仲鍾意埋故事原著,當然更是愉快,就像一次過滿足了三個願望。   




Anonymous 艾裴貓 said...

oh, i love johnny depp and tim burton so much that i watched charlie and the chocolate factory for 4 times...so crazy...(haven't watched any depp x burton movie in the cinema b4)
i do think that there're parts that are particularly slow...but i can bear with it as long as i concentrate on the weird expressions of depp and the wild imagination of burton~~~

2:37 下午  
Anonymous  said...

AGREE! both sim's and 艾裴貓's comments! but the weird imagination are mostly from the original "chocolate factory" ne... so a lit. bit disappointed...

6:56 下午  
Anonymous 艾裴貓 said...

yea, i know the movie is based on the book and the ideas are taken from it. i think it's much difficult in this sense, as to balance between the resemblance (of the original version and the new version) and the originality is not that easy. burton has to follow the details in the book and in the previous movie (to please the audience who has already had an impression of the chocolate factory and willy wonka); on the other hand, he was able to present it with his own style~ i've watched the old version of the movie, which is called "willy wonka and the chocolate factory" (1971). i found that tim has followed quite a number of details, for example, the lines, the lyrics, the characters, etc. of coz he did add in new elements, such as the "same-faced" oompa loompas (it were juz puppets in the old version) and the scene resembles the scene in "2001: a space odyssey"...ahaha..fun~
tim burton did a good job~ he's a genius..ahhaa~
besides, of coz i can never imagine any other person who can replace johnny depp to be willy wonka~~ a smile a wink of his, add up to the weirdness of willy wonka~!

10:27 下午  
Anonymous  said...



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